August 20, 2011 Meeting

Wow—what a great crowd we had at our August meeting! We welcomed back some faces that we haven’t seen for awhile and were joined by four new people and hope that they decide to become active participants in the Mountain Patriots Tea Party.

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum was our guest speaker; he is an ophthalmologist who lives in Murphy. He has announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives for District 11 (the seat currently held by Heath Shuler.) Dr. Dan was very informative. He spoke on the free market basis of liberty, explaining how America has grown and thrived, in part because of our system of commerce. He discussed the development of the free markets and their decline, due to increased regulations and government control. Also, he spoke about the Federal Reserve and the damage that it has done to our country. 

Our “Adopt A School” program is succeeding. Superintendent Dr. Dan Brigman assured me that a Constitutional lesson will be taught in each of Macon County schools next month. It is so important that our youth are knowledgeable regarding our freedoms, liberties and responsibilities, lest we lose them.

Shelah Portoukalian brought to our attention that the Daughters of the American Revolution were responsible for initiating the legislation passed in 2004 that mandated the teaching of a Constitutional lesson in September. We were pleased to learn that both the DAR and the Arts Council are sponsoring Constitution Week activities (posters, displays, a proclamation from Mayor Collins, ArtSaturday, etc.) Having more people involved with educating our youth regarding the Constitution and our Founding Fathers will be very beneficial.

Gail Chapman, President

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