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Bob Blaske – Anti-Tea Party letter writer missed some key points

The letter to the editor shown below appeared in The Franklin Press on September 9, 2011.

It was another response to the letter written by Louis Vitale appearing in the August 21, 2011 The Franklin Press which was the progressive/liberal’s broad-brush characterization of the tea party.

Mr. Blaske’s answer is an excellent example of how to thoughtfully respond to tea party attacks by the progressive/liberals. Bravo! Continue reading

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Mountain Patriots Caused Teachers to Lose Jobs!

Mr. John deVille, a teacher of history and philosophy at Franklin High School, and a local officer of the NC Association of Educators, the NC “teachers’ union,” wrote an article appearing on the NCAE web site which is reproduced below. … Continue reading

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Call for action – Gail Chapman

Folks, we need to educate, communicate and motivate and we only have 14 months. I firmly believe in the power of one. Each one of us can be a very powerful, local force. How badly do you want to win elections in 2012? The closer we get to election day, the more close-minded many people will become. Now is the time to enlighten people with the truth. Now is the time to open their eyes to the incompetence of the present administration in DC. Continue reading

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Core Values of the Tea Party – Gail Chapman

Gail has written a letter to the editor of The Franklin Press in response to Mr. Louis Vitale’s absurd characterizations of the core beliefs of tea parties. (Click here to read Mr. Vitale’s letter.)

Mr. Louis Vitale had a letter to the editor published on August 31, 2011, in The Franklin Press. The purpose of this letter is to repudiate the fallacious statements he made regarding the core beliefs of the Tea Party. Continue reading

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Core values of Tea Party movement do not hold up

Letter to the editor – The Franklin Press – August 31, 2011

This letter by a liberal/progressive in Macon County tries to define what a member of the tea party believes. Truly incredible!
(Portions of the letter are in bold type to highlight some of the more ridiculous claims made by the author.)

Core values of Tea Party movement do not hold up

A recent letter posed the question: “… are we a nation unable to deal with complex problems, where only simplistic answers are common?” I agree with the writer. It appears that the Tea Party has only simplistic bumper-sticker answers to hard questions. Here are a few examples. Continue reading

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