Call for action – Gail Chapman


Folks, we need to educate, communicate and motivate and we only have 14 months.  I firmly believe in the power of one.  Each one of us can be a very powerful, local force.  How badly do you want to win elections in 2012?  The closer we get to election day, the more close-minded many people will become.  Now is the time to enlighten people with the truth.  Now is the time to open their eyes to the incompetence of the present administration in DC.

Recent letters published in our local liberal papers make it very obvious that many people do not have much knowledge of history or a good understanding of what is going on in this country.

People who feel that their Social Security deductions have been put into a lockbox and that “their” money will be given back to them when they retire are in for a rude awakening.  The deductions from their paychecks over the years have been spent a long time ago and the Social Security system will be insolvent if not reformed.  Can they spell bankruptcy?

Paul Ryan’s plan would not alter Social Security payments for those already retired and presently receiving funds, nor for those age 55 and over.  During the next 19 years baby boomers will be reaching the age of retirement at the rate of ten thousand per day!  If there is not major restructuring, there won’t be a Social Security program for future generations. We need to reform entitlement programs and we need to reform the tax code to abolish the loopholes and broaden the tax base.  (I favor the FairTax.)

Call in your Rants & Raves–369-0568.

Send in your letter (short is just as good as long) to the editor:


If you exert the effort to write a letter, why not let as many people as possible read it?  It’s so easy to press “Send” and if you can change one person’s mind, they in turn can educate others.

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