Bob Blaske – Anti-Tea Party letter writer missed some key points

The letter to the editor shown below appeared in The Franklin Press on September 9, 2011.

It was another response to the letter written by Louis Vitale appearing in the August 21, 2011 The Franklin Press which was the progressive/liberal’s broad-brush characterization of the tea party. (Click here to read Vitale’s letter.)

Mr. Blaske’s answer is an excellent example of how to thoughtfully respond to tea party attacks by the progressive/liberals. Bravo!

Anti-Tea Party letter writer missed some key points

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t go ahead and charge more on my personal credit card when our family spends more money than we’ re taking in. Sounds to me like the letter writer wants rich folks to pay for all the government handouts. That sounds like a good idea, but imagine if you were one of those rich folks.

I know that’s a difficult leap of imagination. If they raised your taxes would you go ahead and hire a bunch of new workers for your business or would you cut back, lay off a few workers, and increase the price of your product? Or is that idea too simplistic, like those Tea Party bumper stickers?

You went to school and learned all about our founding fathers and the Constitution didn’t you? Remember, way back when the colonists first came here they all agreed “thou must work or thou don’t get no food.” That’s simplistic Tea Party stuff, but that’s how our country began — real simple like. Don’t you see that if the government hands out all kinds of free stuff to you and gives you a real cushy job with high pay and low hours and lots of free time, that you’re going to turn into a slave for the government? Now that’s not “hatred of the government” ideas, that’s just Tea Party common sense. Go back and take a look at the Nazi Party in Ger- many just before WWII and you’ll see what big government can do to you. And you want government to “stimulate the economy?” I’ll take the simplistic bumper sticker idea. Right now our U.S. Postal Service is loosing money and the government is in charge. Economic Stimulus Program? The Government has been raking in big bucks from your and my Social Security payments. They’re broke now.

Politicians know how to take your money. They do a good job at that.

Don’t smear the Tea Party with a broad brush. Don‘t blanket all Tea Party people with wild accusations: “don’t believe people should be given any assistance,” “believe that tax money should be used for anything…except buying weapons to fight our next war.” Take a cold shower and cool off. You got so carried away you forgot to call Tea Party people “Racists!” That always seems to work with the mainstream media.

I’m not trying to be antagonistic. The letter writer is probably a very nice person and has some very strong beliefs. What makes our nation great is that ability to freely voice our differences in open debate. Those in the Tea Party feel as strongly as you do about their values and they have a right to believe and voice an opposition. Just as you do. Always try to keep an open mind and listen to what the other person is saying and respect their right to say it.

Robert “Bob” Blaske – Franklin

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