October 15, 2011 Meeting

The October meeting of the Mountain Patriots Tea Party was called to order by new President, Hal Chapman.

Taking the POTUS example, Hal said any mistakes he made would be the former President’s (his wife Gail’s) fault, not his. Linda Kolodzik, agreed to continue as Vice President, and Vic Drummond is again our Secretary/Treasure.

Macon County Commissioner Ron Haven, and Mark Meadows, candidate for the 11th Congressional seat spoke.

Commissioner Haven brought us up to date on the County’s revaluation of property taxes which has been postponed again until 2015. Because property values have dropped so much since the last valuation in 2008, he felt too many people would see their property taxes actually increase.

Ron Haven speaking to the Mountain Patriots Tea Party - Oct. 15, 2011

He also spoke about the proposed “steep-slope” ordinance, which the Planning Board has tabled, and the effect it could have had on home construction in Macon County.

In its place the Planning Board has submitted “construction standards” to the commissioners which would control “land disturbance.” The Planning Board recommended the “construction standards” be adding to an existing ordinance. The commissioners will hold a work session on October 25, 2011, to discuss the proposal and develop a plan of action. “Experts” will be brought in to provide their expertise on the proposal.

Commissioner Haven also spoke about the recent sale of the bankrupt “Wildflower” subdivision which has been renamed “The Ridges.” A number of lots were sold several weeks ago. He has spoken with the purchasers/builders of the lots who expect to begin construction in the coming months. This could have important benefits for the construction industry and economy in the County.

He spoke in defense of the upcoming biker rally in the County. He said these bikers are not the stereotypical “bikers” that will cause problems. Many are professional people who ride motorcycles for fun.

He then answered questions from the members.

Our second speaker was Mark Meadows, a Republican candidate for the District 11 U.S. House of Representative seat currently held by Democrat Heath Shuler. He told us where he stands on important issues: spending cuts; new job creation; repealing Obamacare; anti-abortion; parental rights; pro charter schools, private schools and home schooling; returning decision-making and funding of education to the local level; supports Second Amendment (gun rights).  Champion Life, Liberty, and Lower Taxes.

Mr. Meadows then answered a number of questions posed by members.

Mark Meadows, Republican candidate for US House District 11

The Republican primary for the District 11 seat will be held next May. Dr. Eichenbaum spoke to us two months ago, and we hope to have other candidates for the seat speak in the future.

Our next meeting will be November 19th, 2:00 at 441 Family Diner Guest/visitors always welcome. Have a great month.

Hal Chapman

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