Conservatives Responsible for “Occupy Wall Street” Protests?

Mr. Louis Vitale, Macon County’s local liberal/progressive propagandist, really outdid himself in his November 16, 2011 opinion piece in The Franklin Press.

The “Occupy Wall Street” protesting represents the feelings of the middle-class in the U.S.? And it is all caused by conservative policies!  

Here’s his take:

“Occupy Wall Street” has really touched a nerve. Leading Republicans call it a mob. Fox News calls it un-American. Recent letters characterize the demonstrators as Communist subversives, and Herman Cain told them all to, “Just get a job.”

I believe these conservative politicians and talking heads just don’t understand what they are seeing. They try to explain the movement in terms they understand. They believe that the multi-national corporations and the mega-banks have our best interests at heart. It is dogma to them that pure unfettered capitalism is the “American” way. Any criticism of the corporate ethos, or any “attack” on the moneyed 1 percent must be the work of dark forces connected to Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. It just makes no sense to them.

So what is really going on here? Why are there demonstrations in hundreds of American cities, with tens of thousands or more taking part in protests and marches; with no apparent leader or set agenda? Actually, the reason is simple. People are fed up and scared. It really appears that the American Dream we have all believed in for most of our lives is now beyond reach.

It is apolitical. It is just a gut feeling that life in the United States of America is out of balance. Student loan debt is now greater than credit card debt, and there are few jobs to be had to pay off those loans. Every home-owner has lost equity, is under water or is foreclosed. Unemployment benefits are disappearing for the many millions out of work. The middle class is sinking fast, and the ranks of the poor are growing at an alarming pace.

So instead of acknowledging these facts, true conservative believers continue to promote the same failed policies that got us to this mess. Their answer to our historic income disparity, which is now on a par with Uruguay, is to give more tax breaks to the 1 percent. Their cure for the insane gambling on Wall Street is to cut back on regulation meant to reign in that Las Vegas mentality.

Their answer to unemployment is to increase corporate tax breaks so they can ship more jobs overseas. For them our failing health care system can only be fixed by giving mega insurance companies more profits. And, the failing grades in our schools can only be corrected by denying collective bargaining rights for teachers.

Conservatives argue that we must gut poverty programs and slash middle class tax breaks too tighten our belt or we fail like Greece. Of course the slightly higher tax rates under Clinton created a fiscal surplus proving that we are nothing like the over-spending Greeks.

Yes the peasants are restless, and there is anger in the streets. The Occupy movement may fade, but the underlying reasons for their anger will not go away. The failed policies that got us to this mess will no longer work, no matter how much true conservatives believe in their convoluted ideology.

Louis Vitale, Franklin

Why don’t you let The Franklin Press know what you think.

Also fill in their on-line poll at which asks? “How do you feel about the Occupy Movement?

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One Response to Conservatives Responsible for “Occupy Wall Street” Protests?

  1. Well-written and stated.

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