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Hillsdale College – Constitution 201 – On-line Course

Hillsdale College is offering another FREE on-line course on the US Constitution.

Constitution 201: “The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism.” Continue reading

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Mark Meadows at the RNC – Aug 28, 2012

Mark Meadows, Republican candidate for the U.S. House (NC-11), spoke at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on August 28, 2012. Continue reading

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“You didn’t build that!” – What one liberal thinks

If you want to read what one liberal thinks about how his life and success depended on our wonderful federal government, read this opinion piece published in The Washington Post on August 17, 2012. The writer credits his business success to everything that government provided him, and good luck!

He agrees with Obama that “You didn’t build that!” Continue reading

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Sandi Dotherow – UNEDITED – Letter to Editor

This is the ORIGINAL letter submitted to local newspapers by Sandi Dotherow. This is the FULL version as published in The Macon County News on August 15, 2012. The version published in The Franklin Press appears in another blog entry.

Finding the truth on our own

I am addressing this editorial to all the hard working American Patriots who are not afraid of doing some honest research and digging to get to the truth. This is not for the couch potatoes who sit and stare at the TV believing every word that the news drills into you. I ask that you read with an open mind and that you challenge my words with honest research of your own. Continue reading

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Jim Gray – Letter to Editor – July 20, 2012

An excellent letter to the editor appearing in the July 20, 2012, issue of The Franklin Press written by Jim Gray:

Obama’s comment, “You didn’t build that,” shows mindset

President Obama says if you created a business or technology, “You didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” He gives all the credit to government infrastructure and government investment. Obama sees the government as the only driver of the economy. This is the definition of a socialist. Continue reading

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Alta Young – Letter to Editor – August 17, 2012

An excellent letter to the editor appearing in the August 17, 2012, issue of The Franklin Press written by Alta Young.

Those weekly unemployment numbers put out by the Obama administrations’ Bureau of Labor Statistics never add up. And the liberal media never does report the true unemployment rate that is much closer to 15 percent.

The administration somehow manages to find millions of people that are out of the labor force because they are discouraged about finding work, and are therefore not counted as unemployed. Where do they come up with these numbers? Continue reading

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Liberal “Sour Grapes” – LWV Forum and “Red Shirts”

In a letter to the editor appearing in The Franklin Press August 15, 2012, Ms. Margery Abel was upset with the behavior of supporters of Sen. Jim Davis who attended the League of Women Voters “forum” on August 9, 2012, in Franklin.

Ms. Abel claimed Sen. Davis’ “supporters high jacked the…meeting and turned it into a political rally.” Continue reading

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