Jim Gray – Letter to Editor – August 15, 2012

An excellent letter to the editor appearing in the August 15, 2012, issue of The Franklin Press written by Jim Gray:

Democrats – I need your help understanding this

My grandfather was named Jefferson Davis Martin and he voted Democrat all his life. The Democrat party was really in sync with the people of the South in those days. My parents also voted Democrat for many years, but finally decided that the party was moving away from their values.

I know that many people in Western North Carolina and throughout the South have voted Democrat for many generations and continue to do so. But what I can’t figure out is – do they really feel that Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Steny Hoyer, etc., etc. are creating legislation that will improve their lives and the United States of America? Have any of them considered that Heath Shuler might have decided not to seek another term because the Democrat party had moved away from his values and the values of his constituents?

Do these Southern Democrats really agree with the Democrat party on welfare without work, an unemployment rate above 8 percent, no budget for 3 years, same sex marriage, huge budget deficits, a weakened military, opposition to Second Amendment rights, a ban on oil drilling on federal lands, a ban of the Keystone pipeline, dropping prosecution of thugs intimidating voters at voting sites, bringing lawsuits against states that have photo ID voter laws, out of control immigration when we have millions of unemployed citizens in this country, the Fast & Furious gun-running fiasco, huge stimulus funds to companies like Solyndra that have no viable business plan, etc., etc, etc.

Democrats, please explain to me why good, honest, hard working, church going, family people like those of Western North Carolina continue to vote Democrat when the party has moved so far away from your values. Give it some serious thought, because the upcoming election is probably the most important one of our lives. I would really like to understand this. If The Franklin Press can’t publish all your letters, I am sure they will forward copies to me so I can figure it out.

Jim Gray – Franklin

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