Liberal “Sour Grapes” – LWV Forum and “Red Shirts”

In a letter to the editor appearing in The Franklin Press August 15, 2012, Ms. Margery Abel was upset with the behavior of supporters of Sen. Jim Davis who attended the League of Women Voters “forum” on August 9, 2012, in Franklin.

Ms. Abel claimed Sen. Davis’ “supporters high jacked the…meeting and turned it into a political rally.”

Sorry Ms. Abel, I attended the meeting and saw nothing of the sort. Your letter is simply liberal “sour grapes” because your candidate was shown to be the inferior candidate in NC Senate District 50.

Davis supporters wore red t-shirts with the message “Re-Elect Senator Jim Davis – Responsible Governing.” Senator Davis’ supporters out-numbered Snow supporters by perhaps 5-1. Supporters of each candidate applauded at the end of the answer to each of the three questions. Nobody interrupted Mr. Snow during his answers. I don’t recall seeing anybody standing and whooping and hollering and waving political signs. I do recall seeing some Snow supporters standing and applauding their candidate at times. I saw a Snow supporter putting campaign signs up just outside the entrance to Tartan Hall.

Wow, Senator Davis’ supporters’ “tactics included arriving early to grab strategic seats.” This was a forum open to all, I didn’t realize there were strategic seats! I didn’t see any reserved seats identified as strategic seats.

As a Davis supporter, I certainly don’t believe I or any other “red shirts” brought dishonor to  ourselves or Senator Davis.

Ms. Abel, the League of Women Voters in Franklin is anything but a “neutral platform for information…” They are a left-wing organization that continually holds programs to advance its left-wing philosophy.

Here’s the full letter for your enjoyment:

The League of Woman Voters has a time honored tradition of providing a neutral platform for information and the exchange of ideas on issues of importance to the public. Senator Jim Davis and his supporters high jacked the Aug. 9 meeting and turned it into a political rally. They brought dishonor to themselves by trashing this timehonored tradition. Their “red shirt” tactics included arriving early to grab strategic seats, loud inappropriate bursts of applause and stomping while Davis was speaking.

It is significant to remember that during presidential debates the moderators are careful to caution the audience to refrain from applause and other disruptions while each speaker is talking. This is common curtsey. Perhaps the fact that Davis refused all previous invitations to speak at the League of Woman Voters explains why he and his supporters were ignorant of the proper behavior expected in a neutral forum. Should the “Red Shirts” decide to attend future LWV meetings they need also be aware of the fact that the lunches are not free.

Margery Abel – Franklin

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