Sandi Dotherow – Letter to Editor – August 8, 2012

It has come to our attention that The Franklin Press did a significant amount of editing of Sandi Dotherow’s letter. The full version is posted in another blog entry posted on August 18, 2012. (In defense of The Franklin Press they do have a 500 word limit and claim the right to edit letters.)

An excellent letter to the editor appearing in the August 8, 2012, issue of The Franklin Press written by Sandi Dotherow:

Dig for the truth then vote

I am addressing this to hard-working patriots who are not afraid of digging to get to the truth. This is not for the couch potatoes who stare at the TV believing every word the news drills into you. Read with an open mind and challenge my words with honest research of your own. Not with emotional political anger. Do your own research if you want to know the truth. You cannot go to the polls as an honest person if you don’t know the facts and you won’t get them from the media.

I begin with George Soros. He is behind all the things you hate about our system. He sold out his own people in WWII and made millions doing it. Changed his name and began a dangerous game of “Country Implosion.” He is backing the leadership we now have.

In 2008, we were promised “hope and change.” So far, we have received hype and accusations. What we don’t want is for George Soros and the United Nations to decide our futures. Unfortunately, President Obama relies on both.

Harry Reid and his cronies have not passed a budget in the past four years. Nearly 23 million Americans are struggling to find work. In your own lifetime, is it easier to make ends meet now? Is your grocery bill lower now than three years ago? Is it easier for you to sell your home and buy another one? Have you been able to begin saving for your retirement? Are you making more at your job? Do you have a better chance of getting a better job? Do you pay less at the gas pump? Are you happy having so many government czars making decisions for you? Do you approve of a leader who rejects our Constitution, doesn’t believe in our flag, wants God out of sight, and aims his changes at our core values and our very freedoms? Can you answer yes to any of these? I cannot.

It is time to turn the American economy around and release the restraints on our freedoms.

We the People need to plan our own futures and take those decisions away from the government. Please get educated about what is behind the massive and radical changes facing America. Forget political parties and look at facts. Research. Challenge. Don’t be a puppet to the media. If you want the truth, you must find it on your own. You may not like what you uncover. I didn’t. But, if we remain slaves to the opinions of the government and the media, we deserve whatever heartache befalls us. The 2012 election is more important that you can fathom and its outcome will make or break life as you know it. Being well informed is like being well armed when you strive to overcome an enemy. May God bless you and aid you in your education and enlightenment. Google on, friends. See you at the polls.

Sandi Dotherow – Franklin

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