Pop-Up Tea Parties Scheduled

At our October 10th meeting plans were announced for two “Pop-Up” Tea Parties. One will be held on Wednesday, October 17, and one on Friday October 19. More will follow and be announced by e-mail and this web site when the dates are set.

We hope to do one or two “Pop-Ups” each week until election day.

Make up your own signs with brief wording — four or five words max. Remember that drivers and passengers have very little time to read them, unless they’re stopped for the light. There will be some prepared signs available, and we will have candidate’s yard signs set up.

Afterwards as many as desire will eat lunch together at a locally owned (non-fast food) restaurant.

If you haven’t attended a “Pop-Up” before, it is a fun way to let drivers on Georgia Road know who you are supporting in this election.

Here’s a photo from one of the “Pop-Ups” from September 2010.

Pop-Up Tea Party – Sept 21, 2010

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