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What’s in the Fiscal Cliff?

Do you understand what the “fiscal cliff” is?

The following article appeared on the Heritage Foundation web site on Nov 28, and was written by Romina Boccia, James Sherk, and Katie Tubb. It provides an excellent explanation of what the “fiscal cliff” is, and offers potential solutions. Continue reading

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The Tea Party at Valley Forge

The following article appeared on the American Thinker web site on November 13, 2012. It compared the patriot victory at Concord Bridge to the results of the 2010 elections. According to the article, tea party patriots are now at Valley Forge following Obama’s re-election.

The article raises the question of what the tea party should do now? Should it lay low and let the government self-destruct under the next four years of Obama, then rise from the ashes like a phoenix to restore America to its greatness? Or is now “the time to organize, to train, to demonstrate, and to educate a nation in distress?”

Hopefully tea parties will decide to take a common action, and not split up dividing the effort. Continue reading

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The Hard Fiscal Facts

Why does President Obama insist on increasing tax rates on “millionaires and billionaires?” Apparently to punish people who work hard to be successful. Many of these people own small businesses and report income on their personal income tax forms.

Obama’s proposed tax increase would produce an estimated $82 Billion per year to be applied against his latest $1,089 Billion deficit. However, it is likely that tax increase would hurt the economy and generate considerably less.

The following was excerpted from the November 11, 2012, issue of The Wall Street Journal and shows the current massive deficits are caused by massive spending increases, not lack of tax revenue. In fact, current revenue is almost the same as it was before the “great recession” started. Continue reading

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Will Republicans Become a Lasting Majority in North Carolina?

An interesting article by Francis De Luca from the Civitas Institute web site. It provides a brief political history of North Carolina, and why the state hasn’t joined the rest of the South in becoming solidly conservative.

Are the 2012 elections that increased the conservative influence in NC at the state and local levels going to bring NC into the conservative southern union? Let us hope so! Continue reading

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Get Ready for a Stronger Conservatism

We conservatives and TEA Party members were extremely disappointed with the results of the presidential election.

But we can bask in the many successes of conservatives across North Carolina. We won NC for Romney in that losing battle. We won the governorship. It looks like we won the Lt. Governor’s office in a very close race. The conservative Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court was re-elected. Republicans enhanced their control of the House and Senate, and our Sen. Jim Davis was re-elected in a Democrat-majority district. Mark Meadows won U.S. House District 11 formerly held by a Democrat. Paul Higdon won against the incumbent Democrat for District 3 Macon County Commissioner. Continue reading

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