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Will Republicans Become a Lasting Majority in North Carolina?

An interesting article by Francis De Luca from the Civitas Institute web site. It provides a brief political history of North Carolina, and why the state hasn’t joined the rest of the South in becoming solidly conservative.

Are the 2012 elections that increased the conservative influence in NC at the state and local levels going to bring NC into the conservative southern union? Let us hope so! Continue reading

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Obama’s Policies – Wrong for North Carolina

Here’s a document titled “Wrong For North Carolina: The Story of How Obama’s Policies Failed the Tar Heel State.” Continue reading

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Alta Young – Letter to Editor – August 17, 2012

An excellent letter to the editor appearing in the August 17, 2012, issue of The Franklin Press written by Alta Young.

Those weekly unemployment numbers put out by the Obama administrations’ Bureau of Labor Statistics never add up. And the liberal media never does report the true unemployment rate that is much closer to 15 percent.

The administration somehow manages to find millions of people that are out of the labor force because they are discouraged about finding work, and are therefore not counted as unemployed. Where do they come up with these numbers? Continue reading

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2011 Grass Roots Accomplishments

American’s for Prosperity’s North Carolina chapter sent an e-mail listing some of the accomplishments made by grass roots organizations like it, and tea parties across North Carolina in the State in 2011.

It took the newly elected Republican majorities in the legislature to accomplish these things over the abstinence of Democrat governor Bev Perdue. In some cases the legislature was limited by her numerous vetoes. Continue reading

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