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Obama’s Executive Disarmament Photo-Op

The following article from The American Thinker web site does a wonderful job in pointing out why the “Tea Party” must continue to stand up and “be the voice of our Founding Fathers and We the People.” Obama holds his photo-op announcement of all the executive orders he will be issuing to stop gun violence in front of a backdrop of a bunch of little kids. How crass! Continue reading

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Abandoned and Betrayed!

After the McConnell sell-out and the Boehner betrayal, after the disgraceful abandonment of principles and conservative values by the Washington Republican establishment, what is the proper response from outraged conservative believers in limited government and fiscal responsibility? Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Notes II

Economist Thomas Sowell has written another informative column titled “Fiscal Cliff Notes: Part II” which appeared on The American Spectator web site.

This column shows in detail the lie in Obama’s repeated statements that President Bush’s “tax cuts for the rich” cost the government so much lost tax revenue, that they added to the budget deficit, so must be eliminated.

In fact, the “Bush” tax cuts for all taxpayers increased tax revenue. The graph shown below clearly demonstrates that federal spending is the main culprit of Obama’s massive budget deficits. In his first year in office Obama’s outlays increased by over $530 billion, and have continued for four years. Continue reading

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Conservatives in U.S. House being “Punished?”

Over the past two days, numerous internet posts and news articles have reported that Speaker John Boehner and his House leadership team have removed a number of Republicans from their committee assignments in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The apparent cause is because they have cast their votes in opposition to the Republican leadership’s positions too many times.

When is it ever the Speaker’s job to stifle freedom of speech? A U.S. Representative is elected to represent the residents of his district — NOT THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff Notes

Economist Thomas Sowell has written an informative column titled “Fiscal Cliff Notes” which appeared on The American Spectator web site.

Sowell describes some facts about Obama’s increasing taxes on the “rich.” It will run the government for 10 days, and will do nothing to offset Obama’s last four years of trillion dollar deficits.

Sowell also discusses the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” that is supposed to “stimulate” investing to improve economic growth. In fact “quantitative easing” will only debase the value of money, which will “take people’s wealth from them without having to openly raise taxes.” Continue reading

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What’s in the Fiscal Cliff?

Do you understand what the “fiscal cliff” is?

The following article appeared on the Heritage Foundation web site on Nov 28, and was written by Romina Boccia, James Sherk, and Katie Tubb. It provides an excellent explanation of what the “fiscal cliff” is, and offers potential solutions. Continue reading

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The Tea Party at Valley Forge

The following article appeared on the American Thinker web site on November 13, 2012. It compared the patriot victory at Concord Bridge to the results of the 2010 elections. According to the article, tea party patriots are now at Valley Forge following Obama’s re-election.

The article raises the question of what the tea party should do now? Should it lay low and let the government self-destruct under the next four years of Obama, then rise from the ashes like a phoenix to restore America to its greatness? Or is now “the time to organize, to train, to demonstrate, and to educate a nation in distress?”

Hopefully tea parties will decide to take a common action, and not split up dividing the effort. Continue reading

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